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Addmotor CityTri E-310 Plus

Addmotor CityTri E-310 Plus

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Stylish & Sleek Look

It's not just about performance and affordability; the CITYTRI E-310 also exudes style and elegance. With its sleek lines and stylish look, this folding electric trike makes you stand out from the crowd and make a statement while enjoying your daily commute.


UL-certified Battery
90+ MILES (PAS 1)
Miles Per Charge (Estimate)
750W High-torque
Rear-mounted motor
Rear Differential
Smooth and Stable Riding Experience
All Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy
7020 Aluminum Alloy Step-Thru Frame
Parking Brake System
Additional Safety and Security
Standard vs Mini vs Plus Version

To ensure that every rider can experience thrill of the ride, CITYTRI E-310 comes in 3 versions, Standard, Mini and Plus.The difference lies in tire sizes for different riders' needs.


Suits riders in the height range of 5'1"-5'9", max load capacity up to 380 lbs.

310 size
Reliable UL-Certified
Samsung Cell Battery

The 48V*20Ah high-capacity battery delivers ample power boasting a range of up to 90 miles. The UL-certified battery in the US and Canada keeps your ride safe and secure.

Addmotor Exclusive
750W Rear-Mounted Motor

The 750W rear motor is meticulously engineered
for extraordinary performance, delivering
superior performance and acceleration to
add power to your riding experience

Max Motor Torque: 90Nm

Peak Motor Watts: 1,400W

Half Twist Throttle

CITYTRI E-Trike has a twist throttle that allows
riding without pedaling. You can twist
to activate and get full control of the motor.
Plus the 7-Level PAS mode, you can enjoy the
ride on your preference.

Integrated Button

Featuring an integrated button on the handlebar that provides you with convenient access to various functions, with user-friendly LCD display to help you customize your riding experience and stay safe on the road.

Practical Folding Design

Addmotor CITYTRI Etrike's practical folding frame is designed to provide you with ultimate convenience. You can effortlessly fold it to fit in tight spaces or the trunk of your car.

Speed Differential
Smoother and More Stable

The differential provides improved stability and enhances the etrike's performance and maneuverability, ensuring that the rider can safely navigate turns and corners.

Parking Brake System

With the parking brake, you can safely securely immobilize your electric trike whether you're stopping for a break, running errands, or parking on an incline, the parking brake provides additional safety and security.

CNC Laser Cutting Head Tube Precision and Durability

Precise construction and enhanced durability ensure that the etrike is sturdy, reliable and long-lasting.

All Aircraft Grade
Aluminum Alloy Frame

All alloy aluminum frames are Aviation-grade that combines lightweight construction with impressive strength anti corrosion. 7020 alloy aluminum for superior rigidity and thickness.

Triple Disc Brakes

Triplet Parking Power! Tektro mechanical disc brakes deliver reliable stopping power, ensuring responsive and controlled braking in any situation.

Front Suspension Fork
80mm of Travel

With 80mm of travel, it absorbs shocks and bumps, ensuring a stable and enjoyable journey on various terrains.

Lower Seating Position

Lower seating position promotes better stability and control. With adjustable backrest brings you a more comfortable riding experience.

U-shaped Handlebar

U-shaped handlebar with adjustable stem,allowing you to customize riding position for optimal comfort, find the perfect fit and ride with ease.

Aluminum Seat Post
Diameters: 31.6mm

31.6MM x 270MM seat post crafted from sturdy aluminum for stability and support, ensuring you a safe and comfy ride on the go.

Reflective Tires

Specially designed tires with reflective strips increase your safety and visibility on the road even in low-light conditions.

EB 2.0 Lighting System

5 in 1 Addmotor patented taillight, includes driving light, left and right turn signals, danger light, flash light and brake light.


E-310 for rider: 5'1''-5 '9"
( E-310 Plus for rider: 5'3''-6 '3" )
( E-310 Mini for rider: 4'9''-5 '5" )


Max load capacity is 380 lbs

*This is the measurement of the Standard E-310 version.

1Total Length 70"

2Wheelbase 47"

3Handlebar Height 44.5"

4Handlebar Length 27.5"

5Minimum Seat Height 27.2"

6Maximum Seat Height 34.6"

7Seat Tube 10.6"

8Reach 16.5"

9Bottom Bracket Height 7.8"

10Total Width 29"

11Standover Height 13.8"

12Bike Weight 86LBS/39KG

1Total Length 44.1"

2Total Width 33.9"

3Folded Height 24.8"(without saddle)

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