Our Mission


Good E-Bikes Can Also Be Affordable
At Electric Bike & Scooter, we are dedicated to enhancing the e-bike and scooter experience by providing affordable, safe, and reliable products supported by professional assembly, exceptional service, and comprehensive warranty protection.
E-bikes shouldn't break the bank. We aim to source brands that reflect affordability, and go beyond by including a complimentary product with each purchase. Furthermore, we enhance the value by providing free servicing.
E-bikes should offer seamless starting and stopping. They should provide smooth acceleration, akin to a regular bike, and quick braking capabilities. Our bikes ensure this seamless experience, allowing riders to confidently hop on and ride by memory. We trust that EBS bikes deliver this performance, and we invite you to test it out with a demo ride.
Our brands demonstrate adherence to industry regulations by providing bikes equipped with UL Certified Batteries and IPX 6 water resistance ratings. Our in-house warranty coverage eliminates the need for customer service calls or DIY repairs. We've got you covered.